Each property is unique. At Denver

Colours Painting Company LLC™

we like to celebrate

your individual colours.

  • We take the time to properly assess the job at hand. That way there are no surprises!

  • We are honest about what could to be done throughout the whole painting process.

  • We take special care when preparing an area to be painted and take the amount of prepping and clean-up into account when estimating the time a job will take.

  • We use commercial grade quality paint to ensure a long-lasting finish.

  • We are RRP Lead Certified by the EPA to safely paint and repair homes and buildings that were built before 1978.

  • We take pride in doing things right the first time, so if repairs are needed they will happen before any painting does.

For Commercial and Residential jobs!

HOA board members, Management, Business owner and General Contractors, Upgrade your commercial building with a fresh new coat of paint inside or outside!

Denver Colours offers full range of painting and repairs services:

Townhomes Communities

Apartment Complexes

Industrial Facilities

Business Office




Homeowners, if your house or property is due for a makeover whether you just moved in or would like a professional look!

Denver Colours offers a full range of painting and repairs services:

Living Room